Peer Mentor Program

This program is for all commencing first year undergraduate students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Vision Science, Bachelor of Vision Science/Master of Clinical Optometry and Bachelor of Science majoring in Vision Science.

Peer Mentoring is all about growing in your new environment. This involves making new friends, getting to know your campus, developing support networks and making your transition from high school to University a smooth, exciting and fun one! You’ll be able to pick up tips and tricks of the trade from your support group of 4th year students who have gone through exactly what you are about to go through!

There’ll be special events which your peer mentors will organise, such as the FAMOUS EyeMazing Race, social events, and even Trivia and Pizza nights! Get involved because it will be an epic experience if you make it!

The program runs for the first 8 weeks of Semester 1 so don’t miss out! Sign ups will be available from O-Week onwards. Please check out this page for updated information.

Feedback from previous years

‘The amazing race was pretty fun, we got some free movie tickets and eyeball learning charts which was cool” – Second Year Student

“Met my bae here” – Third Year Student

“Seems weird now but you’ll end up becoming bffls with the people in your group and year. We’re planning our 3rd trip overseas as we speak”- Fifth Year Student

“I became great friends with my peer mentees, I even work with them now!”’- Previous Peer Mentor